Greece: a state in crisis takes the lead - 15.01.2014
Charles Goerens on the changing EU Presidency [further...]
Conclusions on the outgoing presidency - 14.01.2014
Charles Goerens on the changing EU Presidency [further...]
On the antisemitic declaration by the leader of the Jobbik Party, Márton Gyöngyösi - 28.11.2012
The idea raised by Gyöngyösi reminds us of one of the darkest periods of 20th Century. [further...]
What does Obama's victory mean for Europe? - 07.11.2012
The EU should not wait for the US to bring up their political priorities for the next 4 years, but share EU's view with the new Obama administration right from the beginning. [further...]
On the vote on the nomination of Yves Mersch - 25.10.2012
Herman van Rompuy the main responsible for the outcome of the vote [further...]
On the Nobel Prize for Peace awarded to the EU - 12.10.2012
EU better than its reputation! [further...]
On the exchange of views with Lady Ashton in the Development Committee in the European Parliament - 29.02.2012
Criticizm by Charles Goerens towards Lady Ashton and her External Action Service: "The Council is not actively participating in the public debate of the Development Committee anymore". [further...]
On the announcement of the Greek referendum - 02.11.2011
Press release of 2.11.2011 [further...]
Press statement, 22.7.2011 - 22.07.2011
Charles Goerens on the declaration of the Heads of State and Government of the Eurozone and the EU-institutions. [further...]
Press statement - 24.6.2011 - 24.06.2011
On the European Council's decision concerning Croatia's accession to the EU [further...]
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