Voting statement of the Juncker commission - 22.10.2014
The parliament has voted today, Charles Goerens explains his decision [further...]
On the report laying down measures concerning the European single market for electronic communications and to achieve a Connected Continent - 04.04.2014
Charles Goerens voted in favour of the amendments aiming to guarantee net neutrality. [further...]
Voting Explanation on the Reform of the CAP - 13.03.2013
According to me, reforming the CAP means... [further...]
Written voting explanation on the situation of Roma and on freedom of movement in the European Union - 09.09.2010
Despite his support of the common resolution Charles Goerens deplores the debate on the topic. He condemns any comparison of the repatriation of the Roma to the Holocaust. [further...]
Iceland’s application for membership of the European Union - 07.07.2010
Charles Goerens stresses that future memberships in the European Union have to be carefully prepared in order to avoid any conflict with the progress of european integration. [further...]
Voting Explanation on the Bauer Report on „the organisation of the working time of persons performing mobile road transport activities“ - 16.06.2010
After the vote on the Bauer report, Charles Goerens regrets that the Commission has chosen a solution which, in fact, does not clarify the ambigious definition of self-employed and employees. [further...]
Explanation of vote on the common resolution on the implementation of the Goldstone recommendations on Israel/Palestine - 10.03.2010
After the vote on the resolution on the implementation of the Goldstone recommendations on Israel/Palestine, Charles Goerens gives a rather sober review of the situation in the Middle East. [further...]
Voting Explanation on the Danjean report - 10.03.2010
After the vote on the Danjean report, Charles Goerens warns about a democratic deficit relating to common defense. He therefore expresses his concern about the report, which, according to him, does not appreciate the works by the Assembly of the WEU. He also recalls the crucial role of the national Parliaments in this matter. [further...]
Voting explanation on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons - 10.03.2010
In his voting explanation Charles Goerens puts forward some ideas about the preparation of the Nuclear Non¬Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference. [further...]
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